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Floating Dispensers for Chlorine Tablets

Take steps to make water maintenance simpler than ever before with creative tools like this heavy-duty bromine/chlorine floating feeder. Designed to work with both pools and spas, there is nothing quite as easy as using this feeder. All you do is fill the dispenser with 1-inch bromine or chlorine tablets. The feeder easily adjusts according to your pool or spa’s chemical needs and you’re on your way to relaxation and enjoyment without maintenance hassle.

  • This Bromine/Chlorine Floating Feeder features quality, durable construction

  • Dispenses 1 in. bromine or chlorine tabs

  • The floater measures the perfect amount of sanitizer

  • Easily adjustable to your pool spa water demands

  • Created with chemical resistant plastic filled with foam to provide the best buoyancy​

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