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AstroLite II Spa Lighting

AstroLite™ II series lights feature machine-polished stainless steel face rims, a choice of halogen or incandescent lighting, and a wide range of voltages, wattages and cord lengths.  Read more

Available in a choice of attractive face rim models, from an injection-molded patterned design, made of rugged, noncorrosive glass-filled polypropylene; to a smooth, machine-polished stainless steel design, AstroLite™ Series light fixtures come standard in a wide range of voltages, wattages, and cord lengths to satisfy any installation. Read more

AstroLite Pool Lighting​

For New Construction ColorLogic® 4.0 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light. It provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient, with feature-rich options for pools and spas. Read more

ColorLogic 4.0 Pool & Spa Lights

ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED Lights

Bring color to all corners of your backyard oasis with ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED lights! The new 1.5-inch pool, spa or accent lights provide low-profile, total color coordination of all water environments and complete synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights. Read more

CrystaLogic 320 & 160 LED Lights

Bring brilliant light to all corners of your backyard oasis with CrystaLogic® 320 & 160 white LED lights! The new 1.5-inch pool, spa or accent lights bring low-profile lighting to all water environments and are ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, baja shelves and other water features. Read more


Nicheless LED Underwater LIGHT, 24W12V 

The ProHayward 3675 Nicheless LED Light is available in RGB and White only, both models feature reliable SMD LED technology to offer long life and energy savings. With the RGB model you get the added benefit of having 7 fixed colors choices or 8 color changing shows at your fingertip. With the WHT model you have cool bright light.

Read more


Jiffy Niche

Jiffy Niche™ is designed for vinyl and fiberglass pools and spas. The niche offers ease of installation and attractive injection molded face ringassembly for corrosion-free performance. Read more


UCL Niches​

This UCL underwater lighting niche is for concrete/gunite pools. When paired with a Hayward Universal ColorLogic® or CrystaLogic™ LED light fixture, you have the best quality and value in a lighting system available anywhere. Read more

Universal ColorLogic Pool & Spa Lights

Universal ColorLogic® color LED lighting will transform your customers' outdoor environments. They're the only, UL-listed lights to retrofit virtually any existing pool and spa with vibrant color - even those with just one light. Read more

Universal CrystaLogic Pool & Spa Lights

CrystaLogic® is available to virtually anyone; its all-plastic construction is truly universal. It’s UL listed to retrofit virtually any installed niches, allowing most lights to be upgraded. These 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic lights can be installed as close as 4 inches from the waterline, and even upward facing without a rock guard, opening a wide range of new applications. Read more


Low Voltage Transformers

Convert to low voltage using transformer/J-Box retrofit kit for most J-Boxes (doesn't support 300/500W). For 300/500W CrystaLogic or multi-light installations, the Hayward 300 watt transformer is the cost effective solution for new construction.

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